Strudel Town Disco CREATIVE

Strudel Town Disco CREATIVE

  • Branding and Design

    We want to see your vibrant brand consistently expressed through the graphics and style of your media.  If you're trying to convince your customers that your brand is youthful and energetic, you should expect a totally different video treatment than a 100-year old firm.


    We can sit down and talk about your audience and their expectations, as well as your established media assets.  Flashy, classic, or modern, we'll bring the colorful ideas to you!

  • Videography / Editing / Directing

    * Multi-camera videography
    * Press scrums and trade shows

    * Directing talent / voiceover

    * Graphics and animations

    * Outlines and Storyboards
    * Media management
    * Still photography

    * Hardware / software troubleshooting

    * P2 and AVCHD cameras / media

    * Lighting (3-point, on-camera)

    * Lavaliere / shotgun mics

    * Green Screen lighting / editing

  • Software

    * Final Cut Pro (certified)

    * Motion

    * Adobe Premiere Pro
    * After Effects
    * Photoshop

    * Speedgrade
    * Keylight (chroma key)

    * Youtube specifications

    * Brightcove Content Management System

    * Vimeo

    * H.264 / FLV / Quicktime compression