A single errant frame can wreck an otherwise professional work of art.  Pops and static, bad white balance, poorly synced audio - these distractions destroy engagement.


Perfection may be the enemy of the good, but good enough doesn't win awards - it needs to be right, full stop.




When you have a project with a limited budget and an anxious client, you don't need a creative who hems and haws over every decision.


The best creatives are constantly looking for ways to improve their workflow so they don't waste your time and money.  With years of experience in the daily news environment, Strudel Town knows how to pull together a project from storyboard to broadcast faster than you can set your phasers to stun.



Every decision on a project speaks to the audience, from the color of your banner to the sound effects.  Strudel Town has the background and experience necessary to make your production unique, and the vision to keep your message consistent across every medium. 


Let us raise your project from the ground up - we have the brains.



Strudel Town Disco CREATIVE

Strudel Town Disco CREATIVE